The Truth and Lies About Reparative Conversion Therapy; LGBTQ

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Parallel Waterfront/Parallel Border Novelist

God bless The Human Rights Campaign. They’ve truly done amazing work and I’m proud to call them an alliance for greater good. It is times like now where we cannot turn our backs and be persuaded to do nothing, ignore circumstances or allow other people whom prey on people’s weaknesses.

Some I’ve known for years came knocking on my lifes door, my haven, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ with such disregard for the sake of “Religious Strongholds”. They choose to bind and chant words; assume in some sort a hypocrites their version of marriage in full throttle.

I’m proud to associate myself with the LGBTQ community; proudlymarried. I’m a mother, an aunt, a sister, daughter and friends to many.

While this may be my version of truth, there will always be three versions, mine, theirs and the Lord Jesus Christ himself when others say “I’m not…

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